Caledon Precision Engineering - Specialising in the Manufacture of  CNC, Manual Machined Parts, Conveyor Drums and Fabrication
Caledon Precision Engineering

Capacity Overview


10 CNC Lathes & 7 CNC Mills
Various Conventional Lathes & Mills

CMM Measuring

CNC Turning - up to max
700mm dia x 3 metres long - driven tooling

Manual Turning - up to max
600mm dia x 10 metres long
1400mm dia in gap

CNC Bar Feed Turning - driven tooling
12mm dia - 70mm dia

CNC Milling, & Manual Milling
CNC Vertical - X 1270mm Y 762mm Z 820mm - 4 axis
CNC Horizontal – 1000mm x 850mm - 4 axis

3 Automatic Saws - up to 550mm dia
Internal & External Keywaying
5 Tonne Overhead Crane


Press Work
CNC 150 tonne Brake Press
CNC Horizontal Bending Machines
150 tonne Manual Hydraulic Press

Ring Rolling

Plate Rolling - 2.1m x 16mm plt

Welding 500 amp Co2 and 400 amp Arc.

High Definition Plasma Cutting
5000mm x 2500mm up to 30mm plate

Profile Cutting 5000mm x 2500mm up to 150mm plate.

3.2 Tonne Overhead Crane

2.5 Tonne Overhead Gantry Yard Crane